Our Mission & Vision


Beverly Hills Aesthetic & Medical Centre is a part of the renowned Healthcare MENA limited, founded in 2011 by Al Masah Capital. Boasting 16 facilities, 120 doctors across 21 specialties and helping more than 1 million patients per year, HealthCare MENA has also won 3 SME Stars.


Healthcare MENA is committed to providing the highest quality of patient care, tailored to the needs of the communities we serve, through our rapidly growing network of healthcare and diagnostic centres spanning the GCC region.


Our aim is to pioneer transformational change in healthcare, by offering unparalleled standards of care to our patients according to the highest international accreditations.


Healthcare MENA understands our mission and vision are only achievable when we embody the values of integrity, leadership, respect, commitment, teamwork and care in everything we do.

These are the backbone to providing the range and level of services our patients deserve. They also ensure every contact, whether from physicians, technicians, nurses or administration staff, is an experience patients will appreciate and cherish.

  • Leadership: We are working towards a common goal of championing new advancements in healthcare – and inspiring, engaging and driving others to do the same.
  • Respect: Although we are all different, providing the finest standards of healthcare is a common objective. We value individuality and show respect in administering care to all patients.
  • Commitment: We pledge to dedicate every resource we have to fulfilling our promise of driving innovation, as well as delivering exceptional services to our patients.
  • Teamwork: Providing the highest levels of service requires harmonious team work. Collaboration towards achieving our mission and vision occurs every day and during every patient interaction.
  • Care: Care means being accountable for what we do, how we do it and always being ready to help.